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Archives for January 2018

Second Ginger Bloke Gets Engaged

  There was surprise and delight last night as the second ginger bloke  in as many months, announced his engagement. He’s understood to be some kind of jobbing musician from Suffolk. The first was an ex-squaddie from Windsor who is set to marry a colonial immigrant in May. Photographic evidence suggests both are punching well above

Granny-Grabber Macron Up To His Old Tricks

  French President Emmanuel Macron smiled and gave a thumbs up sign to a couple of old drinking buddies yesterday as he moved in on yet another grey-haired middle-aged woman. Macron is known for his preference for older ladies and drinking pal Jean-Paul Tule says he’s seen that smile and gesture many times in the

Consumer Champion Regularly Sets Fire To Wad Of Twenty Pound Notes To Use As Impromptu Torch, Lacky Reveals

  Consumer champion, Martin Lewis, spends his working life urging the public to exercise frugality, but insiders have revealed that the MoneySavingExpert founder is very different to the character he portrays in public. and have lifted the lid on his extravagant lifestyle. “Martin made shitloads when he sold MoneySavingExpert,” said Dave Rogers, the man Lewis

Disappointment As Trump Cancels February Visit To UK

There was a palpable sense of disappointment this morning as Donald Trump announced he was cancelling his planned visit to the UK in February. The president was due to come to the UK to open the new American embassy, which has been purpose built on the banks of the Thames near Battersea at a cost

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