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Robert Wagner ‘Person Of Interest’ For First Time Since 1984


Californian police yesterday announced that  veteran actor Robert Wagner is a ‘person of interest’ in the ongoing investigation into the death of his ex-wife Natalie Wood in 1981. Ms Wood died in what was thought at the time to be a  drink-fueled boating accident, but mystery and speculation has surrounded the circumstances of her death for decades.

News that Robert Wagner is a ‘person of interest’ to the police has come as a shock to millions. The 87 year old actor hasn’t been a person of interest to anyone since 1984,  when the  Hart To Hart  TV series  came to an abrupt  end following the departure of Max,  to pursue a solo career in throat lozenge advertisements, and the arrest of Freeway, following accusations of sexual misconduct by a Bichon Frise

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