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Woman Who Asked ‘Is It Cold In Here Or Is It Me?’ Is Told It’s Definitely Her

A Rotherham office worker who habitually asks male colleagues ‘Is it cold in here or is it me?’, has been told in no uncertain terms that it’s definitely her.

Secretary Sharon Titley from Bramley has been cold for as long as anyone can remember, but has taken to complaining ever more vociferously as winter has started to bite. But workmates who share her office at solicitors Crook, Shyster & Knobbs in Rotherham town centre, are less than sympathetic.

“That girl has less meat on her than Lester Piggott’s whip, ” said one co-worker who asked not to be named  “No wonder she’s bloody cold.  I’ve only ever seen her eat cottage cheese and celery which she liquidises and drinks slowly through a straw. And then there’s what she turns up wearing.  Jesus H Christ, I’ve got a mate who’s a gynaecologist and I swear he sees less at work than I do!”

Sharon was unapologetic when we caught up with her, huddled against a radiator and blowing warm air into her hands. “This is against the Geneva Convention or something,” she told us “It should be at least 35 degrees centigrade in the workplace or they have to send you home. I read that on the internet. I’m going to put in an official complaint, but  if that doesn’t work, I’ll have to buy some tights.”

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