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Rotherham Women Attracted To Men Who Lie

Honesty is often cited as being a desirable attribute in a mate, but a study carried out in Rotherham Town Centre, has reached the surprising conclusion that local women prefer liars.

Researchers from the University of North Maltby recruited a group of local women who know their way around an all-you-can-eat buffet table, and got them to ask men in the street,  one simple question. “Do you think I’m fat?” The women were then asked to rate the men on a scale of attractiveness from one to ten following their response.

The results were clear cut according to Dr Ben Belcher who headed up the study “The men who responded with  ‘Of course not’ scored an average of nine out of ten,”  said Dr Belcher “while those who said ‘Yes’ scored an average of five. One man who responded  with ‘Do bears shit in the woods’ was  regarded as so unattractive that the woman researcher refused to give any score  at all and offered to rearrange his face there and then.”  

It seems that Rotherham women prefer liars, and the more they lie, the more attractive they find them.

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