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Millers Fans To Step Back In Time

Rotherham United fans get another opportunity to step back in time this weekend when the team visit Hillsborough for the championship clash with Sheffield Wednesday.

Football fans in the middle of the last century were expected to endure appalling conditions and facilities in support of their team and the Hillsborough stadium has been left virtually untouched as a living museum and a reminder of those dark days.

For Rotherham supporters, this is something of a novelty, but Millers fans attending the match on Saturday are being asked to spare a thought for the  Deedars for whom this is a weekly reality.

“I well remember them coming to the New York Stadium last season” said Dave Brewer from the Millers supporters association “They were wide eyed with amazement. Many of them had never had an unobscured view of the pitch, a decent seat or a piss in a proper toilet before. It’s what it must have been like when one of those African tribes saw an aeroplane for the first time. They were so happy, and it was really sad knowing the squalor they would have to go back to. Bless ’em. We know it costs a ridiculous amount to visit Hillsborough, even though everything about it is shite, but we’re happy to pay. Our  footballing heritage needs preserving”

Meanwhile, in other Millers news, TV personality Karl Pilkington has made a promising start to his temporary job as Rotherham United Manager, securing the clubs first victory in 112 days last Saturday against QPR. Pilkington has lost some weight and taken on a Norfolk accent for his new TV series, a comedy documentary loosely based on the 1980s series Troubleshooter, in which he attempts to rescue seemingly doomed enterprises. Other episodes will feature the Imperial Typewriter factory and a Betamax video production plant near Crewe.

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