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Rotherham Man ‘Gobsmacked’ After Discovering Truth About Yorkshire Tea

A Rotherham man is  considering  taking legal action against a major food and beverage company after unearthing what he believes to be a serious case of misrepresentation.

Eric Brewer (69)  from Kimberworth has been buying Yorkshire Tea for over 50 years, but recently discovered that the tea isn’t actually grown in Yorkshire.  “I was gobsmacked” said Eric who used to drink 8 cups a day before his enlarged prostate forced him to cut back “‘You don’t buy Yorkshire tea and expect it to be grown somewhere else. If I wanted that foreign muck I’d have bought it. It comes from Sri Lanka which isn’t even in England, apparently.”

A spokesman for the Betty’s and Taylor’s Group who market Yorkshire Tea confirmed that Yorkshire tea isn’t actually grown in Yorkshire “The climatic conditions aren’t conducive to growing tea” he said ” so our leaves are grown and harvested in Sri Lanka to our own exacting standards.” When pressed to say how they can justify the Yorkshire label he said “Well the water is from Yorkshire and that takes up most of the cup.”

Eric remains unimpressed “It’s supposed to be Yorkshire tea not Yorkshire water” he said “What’s  Yorkshire about it if it’s not grown in Yorkshire? They stick pictures of Yorkshire on the box but it’s all bollocks. They’re conning people by passing off sub standard foreign tea as the real thing. “

Consumer lawyer Timothy Caddy says Eric has a point “When you name a product in relation to an area, country or region, there’s a reasonable expectation that the product originates there.” he said “and that isn’t the case with Yorkshire tea. The company may have to look again at the branding of this product” Mr Caddy is now considering taking up Eric’s case on a ‘No-win-no-tea” basis.

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