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Black Woman With Blonde Hair Fails To Enrage Twitterati

  A black woman has been photographed with blonde hair and nobody gives a rats arse, it has emerged. Nobody has taken to Twitter to accuse her of cultural appropriation, nobody has suggested it is offensive to white people, and nobody has asked her to apologise. Incredibly, the whole world seems to have formed the

Welshman Disappointed After Discovering Real Reason Earth Moved For Sheep

  A Welshman, who has made it his life’s quest to form a mutually satisfying  relationship with a Beulah Speckled Face, thought  he’d finally succeeded this afternoon when a particularly bewitching example by the name of Sharon, told him that the earth had moved for her. It was only when Gareth Wynn-Evans-Thomas from Swansea recovered his Calvin Kleins,  left

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