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Bitcoin On Course For Parity With The Milk Bottle Top By April 14th


The value of Bitcoin continued to plummet this week as investors in the Cryptocurrency stared into their bathroom mirrors and saw a greed-fueled idiot for the first time. Experts predict that if the fall in value continues at the same rate, it will reach parity with that other trusted store of value, the milk bottle top, by April 14th.

A spokesperson for avaricious dickheads everywhere, said “I can’t believe something conjured up out of thin air with nothing tangible to back it up could fall in value like this. I bought in at £12,000, and it seemed like a bargain for a totally nebulous concept dreamed up by someone who was almost certainly wearing an Iron Maiden T shirt and hadn’t showered for a week, at the time. How can something that has a value totally dependent on the willingness of gullible morons to pay increasing amounts for it, fall in value like this? It’s not as if there aren’t enough gullible morons to go around.”

We tried to speak to investment legend Warren Buffett for a comment, but a member of his team said that wouldn’t be possible as  he was having difficulty breathing and someone had been sent out to buy a pack of  Tena Men.

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