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Fun On Target To Be Totally Eradicated By 2025, Vow Po-Faced Tossers


Politically correct po-faced tossers have confirmed that they are well on course for achieving their target of totally eradicating fun by 2025. The confirmation comes as Formula One bosses announced that they would not be using ‘Grid Girls’ as part of the entertainment package in 2018. This follows hot on the heels of a decision by British Darts administrators to dispense with the services of ‘Walk On’ girls for all tournaments played in the UK.

A po-faced politically correct tosser who asked not to be named told us, “This is a major step forward in removing a significant part of the  fun, enjoyment and  spectacle from these important events. The fact that it will result in young women being unable to exercise their free-will and participate in a career that they enjoy, pays the mortgage, and best suits their skills and attributes, is a small price to pay.”

The victories over fun just keep coming. Just last month, a reporter for the Financial Times infiltrated The Presidents Club Charity Dinner in London, only to discover that the all-male attendees were having almost as much fun as the average hen party, but with a little more respect for the sensibilities of members of the opposite sex in the vicinity.

“We were delighted that her cutting edge report resulted in future dinners being cancelled,  and that the young women working at the event were denied the opportunity to decide for themselves whether to work there again”, our po-faced politically correct tosser told us “ The £2.5 Million lost to charities that really need the money was a bit of a disappointment, but we were thrilled to be able to eradicate one more source of fun. That’s the important thing.  It’s a long battle, but we’re finally winning.”



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