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Trump Hotly Denies Allegation That He’s Like A Child

At a packed press conference, President Donald Trump has hotly denied allegations in a new book by Michael Wolff, that he is regarded by White House staff as being like a child.

Arriving at the conference holding a blue fluffy rabbit by one ear,  the president said the allegations in the book Fire and Fury,  were “just not fair” and said he regarded Wolff as “a very bad man.” 

The president went on to say that he will scream and make himself sick if any more “wicked things” are said about him, before being led away by an aide for his afternoon nap.

In unrelated news, Barrack Obama is said to be re-evaluating whether getting to be president was such a big deal after all, and Abraham Lincoln is understood to have  turned in his grave so many times that he’s almost surfaced.

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