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Anger In Greasbrough As Church Street Set To Be Renamed New Mosque Way

Locals reacted with a mixture of anger and bewilderment this week after leaked minutes from a council meeting revealed secret plans to rename Church Street in Greasborough as New Mosque Way.

The Bugle understands that the name change was first put forward after a planning application to build a 100,000-square foot mosque on the car park of Greasbrough Working Mens Club was approved last month.

A council insider, who asked not to be named said, “Every area has a Church Street, but this will be the first New Mosque Way. The council feels it will help us to stand out as a borough and also be more reflective of the nature and flavour of the area. The mosque is set to be the biggest in the area, and will attract worshipers from throughout the region. The new street name will help them to find it.  Times are changing and we are committed to changing with them. Yes, there’s still a church on Church Street, but I’ve seen more people in a phone box than they pull in there on a Sunday.  This mosque will be rammed out every week, and therefore it’s only right that the street should be named after it.”

Ted Rodgers, 72, who has lived in the area all his life, spoke for many local residents when he said “This is disgusting – political correctness gone mad. To replace Church Street with New Mosque Way is an insult to the Christian faith – something that I and many others in the area, value greatly as a convenient prop for our self-righteous indignation and thinly-disguised racism.  What’s more,  I can’t believe they’re building a mosque on the spot where the greats parked their gold Rollers in the 1960’s. Engelbert would turn in his grave if he knew about this.”

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