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Duke of Edinburgh Rushed To Hospital After Seeing Photo of Prince Harry’s New Mother-In-Law.

The Duke of Edinburgh was understood to be recovering in hospital this morning after a lacky inadvertently showed him a  photo of Meghan Markel’s mum. The Duke is reported to be in a stable but incredulous condition.

A palace spokesman confirmed that the Duke was taken severely unnecessary after a  royal valet inadvertently scrolled a bit too far while showing the Duke some carefully selected stills from Ms Markel’s film and TV career on his iPad. “His Royal Highness was very much enjoying seeing more of the new addition to the Windsor family, “said the spokesperson, “when the unfortunate revelation took place. He knew Ms Markel was colonial, but not quite that colonial.”

Staff at the posh hospital he’s always shipped off too, say the Duke is expected to make a full recovery. Meanwhile, royal staff are carefully reviewing the seating plan for the wedding breakfast.”

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