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Vegetarian Football Fan To Sue After Discovering Traces Of Meat Products In Match Day Pie

A vegetarian Rotherham United fan has consulted solicitors after discovering what he says was a piece of meat in a pie purchased at half time in the game between Rotherham United and Wigan at the weekend.

Roy Winks From Wingfield says he has been safely eating the pies since the New York Stadium opened and this is the first time he’s noticed anything untoward. “It was disgusting, ” he told the Bugle “As I bit into it there was the familiar satisfying sensation of soggy pastry collapsing into an empty void, but then there was something else. It wasn’t big, but it was definitely a piece of meat of some kind.”

A spokesperson for the pie makers who can’t be named for legal reasons, denied any wrongdoing. “All our pies are totally pukka,” he told us “made up of 98% pastry and tinfoil with a light internal coating of gravy to give the illusion of a filling. However, we can’t guarantee that animal products won’t get into one of our pies during the production process, which is why we use the word ‘beef’ on the packaging.”

Colin Crook from solicitors Crook, Shyster and Knobbs is unimpressed though. “In the same way that you don’t buy a cheesecake and expect to find a piece of cheddar in it, you don’t buy a match day meat pie and expect to find beef in it.” he said  “I think we have a very good case.”

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