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TV Viewers Vent Fury As Muslims Depicted As Normal

TV viewers reacted with anger last night after Tesco’s new Christmas advert was shown for the first time, depicting a Muslim family acting like normal people. The controversial ad’ shows a Muslim family eating good food, laughing and enjoying time together, and has resulted in a number of customers vowing to boycott the store in protest.

“It’s political correctness gone mad, and I’m not shopping in Tesco again.“ said Tim Morrison from Rawmarsh, as he stocked up on White Lightening and Carling Black Label at Lidl, “I’m all for social integration and inclusion, but this is a step too far. Christmas is an opportunity for all Christians to come together in a spirit of contemplation and  then eat and drink until they’re incapacitated. Muslims get their chance to stuff their faces with Tesco’s finest at Ramadan, so why are they muscling in on our religious festival?”

Another viewer Eric Powell from Swinton, who asked not to be named, spoke for a number of people we interviewed when he said  “It’s a disgrace, they come to our country so they should live by our rules…oh wait a minute.”

Asked about the proposed boycott, a spokesperson for Tesco said “While it’s always disappointing to lose business, some of the loss in revenue may be offset by us having to spend less time rescuing the type of customers who become over excited and emotional in the ready meals aisle.”

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