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Rotherham Man Finds Dead Mouse In Box of Tic Tacs

An East Dene man says he is still suffering from recurring nightmares and flashbacks, over a week after discovering a dead mouse in a box of fresh mint Tic Tacs.

Troy Ditton, 22, from Central Avenue says he discovered the furry intruder soon after opening the pack of miniature mints he’d just purchased from his local 24 hour mini mart on Far Lane.

“I got half way down the box and there it was”, “he said as he fiddled nervously with his electronic tag. “I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to work again and it’s made me scared to leave the pub.  I’ve written to Ferrero, who make Tic Tacs and I’ve sent them the photographic evidence but I’ve not heard anything back yet.  I’m not looking for a lot, just a few hundred quid and a year’s supply of mints to help me come to terms with what’s happened to me.”

A spokesperson for Ferrero confirmed that they have received a communication from Troy, and are looking into the circumstances. “We’re investigating how the rodent could have got into the factory and then entered the food chain” he said “but more specifically, we’re looking at how it could have squeezed itself into a plastic box half its body size which already had sodding mints in it.”

Troy, who is still receiving counselling after a promising ballroom dancing career was brought to an abrupt end last year,  following a freak accident involving a Walnut Whip, remained defiant. “I just want my case to serve as a warning to others” he said “This time it was a mouse, but next time it could be a Beaver or summat.”

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