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Archives for October 2017

Rotherham Man Accurately Predicts Fastest Moving Supermarket Queue

   A Ravenfield pensioner has fulfilled a lifetime ambition by correctly choosing the fastest moving queue at his local supermarket. Retired maths teacher, Arthur Potts was shopping at the Morrisons store in Parkgate last Thursday when the seemingly impossible happened. “Just like every week,” he said “I tried to estimate the speed of every queue

JFK Assassinated By Gay Mexican Muslims

Previously withheld documents released by the Donald Trump administration have revealed that John F Kennedy was almost certainly killed by Gay Mexican Muslims. Conspiracy theorists have long held the view that Lee Harvey Oswald was not a lone wolf killer, responsible for the assassination, with the finger variously being pointed at the Russian Government, the

Rotherham Man To Sue Ikea Following Seven Hour Ordeal

A Brinsworth man says he plans to sue Scandanavian homewares giant IKEA after becoming disorientated and getting lost for over seven hours in the stores one way system last Monday. Eric Bellend (57) claims he feared for his life in the new store near Meadowhall, after losing his bearings somewhere around  the multi-coloured shite beanbag