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Rotherham Man Furious After ‘One Lady Owner’ Car Turns Out To Be Skip On Wheels

A Brinsworth man who bought a car online,  after seeing it advertised as having ‘one lady owner’, has told of his anger after discovering it has knackered alloys, multiple parking dents and a whole bunch of furry gonk type shit hanging from the rear view mirror.

Terry Liversedge  says  he bought the 2014 Ford Focus from Sor-Y-Cumin Car Sales in south Wales after seeing it advertised on eBay. “It was the ‘one lady owner’ description that swung it for me.” he said. But when the car was delivered  to his house on Crownhill Road Terry immediately knew something was wrong.

“All four alloys looked like someone had taken an angle grinder to them, “ he told us “and there were dents and scratches all over the place. It was full of crap and stunk like a Boots cosmetic counter at Christmas. I took it to a mechanic who said there’s virtually no oil in it, it’s been driven with the hand brake on, and there are the remnants of a dead cat stuck to the exhaust.”

We spoke to Rhys Evans, owner of  Sor-Y-Cumin Car Sales about Terry’s complaints, but he was unapologetic and unrepentant. “Doesn’t he know any women? Hasn’t he ever been in a woman’s car before?” he asked, “We put  ‘one lady owner’ in the description as a warning, not as a selling point.”

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