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Tory Voter Switches To Labour Thanks To Internet Forum Expert

A lifelong Conservative party supporter has pledged to change his allegiance to Labour after being put right in no uncertain terms on an Internet football forum.

Tony Lewis, 62 from Wickersley was fully intending to vote Conservative as usual on June 8th, before he got involved in a political spat on the Rotherham United Millers Mad Forum. “I think it was being called a ‘middle class, smug self-satisfied twat’ that did it”  he told us, “It  made me see how my views about the free market, self reliance and the drawbacks of involuntary collectivism have been wrong  all along. I’d really like to thank site user ‘Crazyfuka’ for setting me straight and making me see the error of my ways. Who’d have thought that an alcohol-fuelled aggressive, and abusive post on a football forum could succeed where years of political study and reasoned discussions have failed.”

We spoke to Professor Geoff Leftish, senior lecturer in Politics at the University of  north Dinnington, who confirmed that Tony’s case is far from unique. “Many people think arguing about politics on an internet forum is a pointless and futile activity reserved for sad sacks with nothing better to do with their time, but Tony’s case highlights that it can make a real difference. He’s seen the light, but it took some anonymous tanked-up bloke with anger issues on the internet to put him right.”

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