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New Study Reveals That Most Rotherham Plumbers Are ‘Incompetent Tosspots’


 Rotherham is a town renowned for its skilled workforce, but a shock University report has revealed that local plumbers are primarily ‘incompetent tosspots.’

The study, headed up by Professor Ivor Penchun from the University of Central Worksop,  interviewed 100 local plumbers in the workplace, to build up a detailed picture of the  standard of work in the area.  The plumbers were  questioned on the quality of  work carried out by tradesmen who had previously worked  on the same job.  Over 92% reported it to be sub-standard.

Professor Penchun says that phrases such as “Who the **** put this in?”  “Was your last plumber wearing a stetson?” and “You’re lucky you’ve not had a flood love”  came up time and again in the survey. “What was really surprising.” said Professor Penchun, “is that every other plumber in the town appears to be  completely useless – apart from the ones we interviewed. Maybe the shit ones just don’t like talking to people.”

Professor Penchun is now seeking funding to carry out similar research into the work of car mechanics, builders, and hairdressers called Sharon.

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