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Archives for March 2017

Brexit Fails To Deliver In Rotherham As Foreign Types Spotted

Brexit has been a pathetic failure it has emerged, after a group of “foreign looking Herberts” were spotted brazenly walking around Rotherham town centre. As the final details of the EU exit continue to be hammered out, it was just the latest in a  whole series of incidents which showed that Brexit has failed to deliver the outcome

Local ‘Eco Warrior’ Exposed As Just A Scruffy Twat

A man who was thought to be a politically active vegetarian eco warrior is just a scruffy twat, it has emerged. Rob Hill, 25, from Whiston, who wears threadbare sweaters, stained skinny jeans and battered Converse trainers, hasn’t washed or cut his hair for three years. Locals assumed he was some sort of tree hugging

Rotherham Women Attracted To Men Who Lie

Honesty is often cited as being a desirable attribute in a mate, but a study carried out in Rotherham Town Centre, has reached the surprising conclusion that local women prefer liars. Researchers from the University of North Maltby recruited a group of local women who know their way around an all-you-can-eat buffet table, and got