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Married Working Class Man Makes His Own Tea

A married working class man from Treeton has stunned friends and family by getting his own tea ready.

Unemployed Roy Collins, 45 was relaxing  watching The Chase last Wednesday, when he received a text from his wife, Carol, to say she was working overtime and would be late home.

“It threw me a bit at first” he told us “she normally only works 12 hour days and is home in time to get some snap ready, but some lazy git hadn’t turned in. I suppose I should have waited, but I knew the Man U v Liverpool game was on later, so I thought – give it a go. It was pretty easy to be honest.”

A delighted Carol arrived home to find that Roy had already eaten and he’d even poured the other half of the can  onto a plate for her. “It was incredible” she said, “he’s never prepared food for himself before, let alone for me!”

Encouraged by the praise, Roy intends to do more food preparation. “I’m going to experiment with heating the beans up next time. “ he told us. “And maybe even add a slice of toast. I’m on a roll.”

We spoke to Roy’s neighbour Ken Slack who was less impressed with the new Roy “That lad needs to be careful “ he cautioned “Their lass will have him doing everything if he doesn’t watch himself. Cooking is one thing, but she’ll have him putting the bins out next”.

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